Thursday, September 30, 2010

I love having a toddler!

I have spent most of the month at home with Lily. She is advancing and learning new things everyday, but since she has hit the big milestones I forget to report on her progress.

Anyway, this stage is so much fun! We have started to get more bumps and bruises though, which is to be expected with a toddler exploring her world. September brought us her first bloody nose. I honestly have no idea how to stop a bloody nose for a toddler. They don't hold still, they just cry and want to cuddle. So we cuddled and we both ended up covered, but she recovered quickly.
Lily loves her puppy as much as ever. I honestly wish that this dog behaved half so well for me as he does for her. She has taken to examining his teeth, pulling at his gums, and using him as a soft chair a he just lets her.
And of course, she is getting more independent and is trying to make more decisions for herself. This is her way of telling me that bath time is over.
She still isn't talking much. She has a few words that she says regularly, but for the most part she just points and squeals. I'm not worried though, her comprehension is fantastic! And she is so obedient, I say bed time and she grabs her baby and walks into her room for story time.

As far as the current pregnancy goes, it is going to sound crazy, but I honestly keep forgetting that I am pregnant. If my jeans still fit I think that I might forget entirely. We have scheduled our anatomy scan though and I am getting very excited about that! So watch for an update on the 15th.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A New Niece and Nephew

I guess that it has been a while since I last updated. Sometimes I just think that there is nothing to post and other times life is just to busy to get to it. I has been an eventful few weeks though so I'll fill you in.

On Sunday the 12th my little sister Ali gave birth to her first child, Caleb Layne Hansen. She is so happy to be a mom and Chaz is loving being a dad.
Then, on Wednesday the 15th my sister Sarita gave birth to her first baby girl, Carolyn Hope Rogers. We are all so happy that Eric got to be there for the birth of his baby girl. On Monday Eric shipped out with the 116th. We are so proud of him and we are grateful for his sacrifice and the sacrifices of his little family.