Sunday, July 27, 2008

Losing my mind...

So I have a funny story to tell about what happened to me this morning. I set an alarm to get up early, which by the way is something that I never do. My husband has to be up at 5am so I usually wake up with him and then go back to bed for a little while, but I knew that this morning I needed to get up and get some things done because I had an assignment to speak in Sacrament meeting today and also to teach gospel doctrine today. So even though I went back to bed after Tyson left this morning I still got up early. I hurried and got myself ready for church so that I would not be late. I wanted to make sure that I was ready to go in case I ran out of time while I finished preparing both my talk and my lesson. Anyway, I had my whole schedule planned out and had set myself to leave at 9:15 to make sure that I got to church about ten minutes early. Anyway, I went into my bedroom this morning at 9:07 to grab my shoes and cardigan when I finally realized CHURCH STARTED AT 9:00! I don't know how I forgot that. We've been going to this ward for three months now and I have never been late but for some reason the day that I need to speak I forget what time church starts at. Anyway, I ran out the door and actually drove to church (it is only a block away) and walk in right as the Sacrament Hymn was finishing. I was so embarrassed because of course I had to sit on the stand. Anyway, I was a little but shaken by that so it took me a little bit to gather my bearings. Then, after than embarrassing situation did I get to just sit back, NO, I had to go and substitute Gospel Doctrine. Needless to say, I was glad when it came time for Relief Society so that I could finally step away from a pulpit and sit down and be quiet. Anyway, it made for an interesting morning which I am grateful is finally over.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


So I started this project on July 2nd and today I finally finished it! Okay, so I've been a bit lazy and I keep getting side tracked...but today I finally finished painting my dining room! These pictures are a little dark for some strange reason. My dining room really is the brightest room in our house with all the windows and such. Anyway, I love the color! It was the one room in the house that I knew that I could get away with painting red, so I did it. It fits rather well with the gold colored living room as well. Now the only room that I have yet to paint upstairs is my kitchen, but I'll get that done next month. I can't wait until that one is finished. Anyway, I'm thrilled with how it turned out. I love owning my own house and getting to do whatever I want to it!

Monday, July 7, 2008

My Living Room is Done!

I mentioned in a previous post that I had finally determined what colors to paint the rest of the upstairs of my house. Until at least the Winter I am ignoring my basement. We don'd need the extra room down there and it needs a bit of work before I can do much of anything. Anyway, I have been working on getting my living room and dining room painted for about a week now and I finally finished the living room. The dining room is coming along (it takes a few coats when you are using red paint), but it should be finished by Wednesday. I had promised some photos so here they are. Prior to being painted the walls were just plain white and dirty, despite all of my attempts to clean them. I love this new color though. It is just so warm and inviting. I had several people tell me I was a little crazy with my color choice, but I love the way that it looks with my dark wood and especially my antique door with the stained leaded glass. Now that I have the room painted and our furniture back in there I have a good idea what style of fabric I need to buy to reupholster our couch and chair. Again, that will be another Winter project for me, but I am excited to get going on it.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lucky Peak

Saturday my family went up to Lucky Peak for the evening after spending most of the day at Sarita's house working on some projects. It turned out to be a fantastic day. It didn't get above 88 degrees so it was very comfortable. We had a lot of fun. The kids just love to play in the sand (I'm still not allowed to post pictures online) and to take some easy rides in the tubes. The older kids just tubed and wake boarded all evening. Rick and Jake were a bit restless though. There was a cliff relatively neat to the dock and back where we had set up camp, so while the boat was out doing some tubing they swam on over to the cliff to see if the water underneath was clear enough to jump off. It didn't quite work out for them, but it is funny to see that even though they think that they are all grown up they are still silly little boys. After thy boys came back from playing on the cliffs they went out again and Jake worked with Tyson to teach him how to wake board. He is really starting to get the hang of it and hopefully before summer is over he'll be pretty confidant with it.

Friday, July 4, 2008

One Man's Trash...

So, I have developed a new hobby over the last year. I love to take used and unwanted items from other people, refurbish them, and then use them for my house. Yesterday I made another fantastic find. I went on Craigslist and found a gal who had two little bistro sets that she wanted to be rid of. I called her and picked them up last night. On the way home I went to the store and bought a couple of cans of spray paint. I hosed everthing off really well last night and let them sit overnight and then got up this morning and started painting. I love how they are turing out! I ran out of spray paint so I need to go and get some more to finish, but they are great. Again, I let Tyson pick the color and he really wanted the copper color. I had no idea that any guy would have such strong opinions about color, but Tyson does. Anyway, it is just another fun project that I am in the middle of. I have also been painting my dining room and living room today, so I am painted out right now! Just taking a bit of a break and then...back to work.