Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Wonderland

This evening I went with all of my siblings to the Winter Garden Aglow at the Idaho Botanical Gardens. We took the kids to see Santa Claus. Some were very excited, Lily was not at all interested.Lily loved the lights, when I finally let her out of the stroller she walked along trying to touch them all.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finishing Touches

This last weekend I finally finished up Lily's stocking. I made one for Charlotte as well because it just made sense and I didn't want to have to make another one next year. I didn't get around to making her one last year and I didn't want another year to go by without one. So finally our last decorations are up.
I love wrapping gifts. I had my supplies out yesterday to finish up and since Lily was napping I decided to go ahead and wrap the hula hoop. I'm not sure that I disguised it very well...
Someone found the candy canes on the tree. She has been playing with them, but until now didn't realize that they were candy.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Random Early December Cuteness

Christmas is near, and one of the great things about Christmas is Christmas candy. This evening I got started and made fudge. The first batch was too runny, but the second was perfect. Lily wanted to help so I let her lick the spoon.
Its a good think that she likes to brush her teeth so much because that was the only way to get her to give back the spoon.
Yesterday I was out running a few errands and Lily was with Tyson and I came home to find this. She never does this for me, ever, but she always crashes after playing with her daddy.
And this was Sunday. She loves her puppy and likes to feed him. I guess that she thought that it would be easier for him to eat if she got it out of the bowl for him.
She is such a sweet girl, and she loves to be helpful. She helps me clean and she "helps" my sisters take care of their babies as much as she can.

On the pregnancy front everything is going along very smoothly so far. I had another doctor appointment today along with my GTT and I am awaiting those results. Mostly I want to know my iron levels because I am feeling overly tired and I was anemic with Lily so I think that might be my problem this time around. Charlotte loves to squirm and kick so I get regular reminders from her that she is there and growing. I have been having a lot of hip, lower back, and sciatic pain (shocking, I know) so this week I visited a chiropractor and I'm going again next week to see if he might be able to help me a bit. But discomfort aside, so far so good. My blood pressure is still good, and with Lily it was getting rather high around this point so that makes me hopeful that this pregnancy will be a little less problematic than my last.

Doing the Dishes

So this morning I was unloading the dishwasher and like she always does, Lily insisted on helping. I got this little clip of her helping me out.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow Day!

Today was our first real snow day of the season. Tyson's classes were even cancelled which shocked me. I spent 6 years in college and never had a snow day.

Anyway, this afternoon I decided to take Lily out to play for a little while. She wasn't impressed at first.
But she slowly warmed up to it.
She was very curious about the plants sticking up out of the snow.
And thank you to Grandma Hansen for the very warm and cozy snow suit!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The first day of December certainly hit hard around here. Last night we got about 6" of snow (which is a lot for this area all at once). Also last night I set up the Christmas tree and wrapped gifts so this morning it certainly was beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I am so excited for the Christmas season, it is such a wonderful time of year.

Our Christmas tree! Very simple this year. I didn't put our ball ornaments on the tree because Lily liked those too much and was enjoying throwing them around the room while we were setting up the tree.
Tyson put up some of our lights last Friday. We have more, but our ladder was not tall enough to reach so they will have to wait until there isn't snow or ice on the roof .
Last night's snowfall:
The jeep still looks like this because we decided not to venture out today.