Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Dinner

We had a family dinner tonight, like we do every other Sunday. The kids were really excited to see Lily and came running out to the car. No one ever wants to see me anymore. First they would always ask for Tyson when we came over, then they asked for our dog Oscar and now they want Lily. Anyway, this is Lily's cousin Junior. You would never know that he is just 7 months older than she is.As it turns out my mom bought Krystal the same dress that I had bought for Lily. So this is Lily with her 3 year-old aunt Krystal in their matching dresses.
She is such a good sport. She just slept through the family gathering.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cuter Every Day!

This little girl of ours just seems to get cuter every single day. Since we have so much family that lives far away we thought that we would share a few more pictures.
Lily's uncle Josh is just in love with her! He is always holding her hands or giving her kisses.I don't get too many pictures of her with her eyes open, but she was watching the news last night with her dad. Nap time. Just looking around again. We just love her and we love having her in our home. Our nights might not be as quiet as they used to be but that's fine. We'll keep her.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finally Home!

We are finally home and we are just loving it! I just thought that I would share a few more pictures.
This is mommy and Lily getting ready to head for home. My goodness, I didn't realize how tired I looked.Lily in her car seat ready to leave. The afghan was made for her by my Grandma Harper.
Finally home and resting! She loves that silly pacifier. It would concern me, but she feeds like a champ.Oscar is trying to figure out who this is.Just chilling and taking a nap.I took this picture 2 hours ago and nothing has changed. Lily loves to cuddle with her daddy.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lily Ann is here!

On Tuesday morning we were scheduled for yet another BPP. We had been going in for these short ultrasounds twice each week to monitor our little girl. We just wanted to make sure that my high blood pressure wasn't hurting her. Well anyway, on Tuesday morning we went in and Lily looked great but my amniotic fluid level was rather low again and my blood pressure was rather high. So yet again my doctor sent me over to L&D triage for observation. After about an hour and a half the nurse came in and gave me instructions and checked me out. They had decided that I should go home and come back again the next day for another fluid screening. Well, I was half dressed to go back home when my doctor and nurse came back in. My doctor had changed her mind and wanted to know how we felt about staying and having our little girl right then. Given the issues that we had been having we were all more comfortable with delivering right away rather than waiting for either of us to get into any serious distress.

So, they checked me into Labor and Delivery and started me on Pitocin around 2:15. My doctor came back in and broke my water a couple of hours later. My mom and sister Sarita came and spent the day with Tyson and I. I felt fine and the contractions weren't really bothering me for a long time. Around 5:00 we decided to start and epidural. The contractions weren't really painful yet, but my blood pressure was getting up there and the epidural helped to bring it down.

Around 6:30 my contractions my contractions had really sped up, however Lily wasn't tolerating them well. During my peaks her heart rate would drop. So, they started me on oxygen and had me move from laying on my back to my right side and then my left again. That helped for a while but around 7:45 it stopped working. The doctor came back in and checked me again and my 8:00 we were ready to push. For the first 2 hours the pushing went really well. Lily's heart rate stopped falling during contractions so long as I was pushing so we just went along pretty easily but by 10:00 her heart rate started falling during contractions again, but this time only if I was pushing. My doctor had me push during every other contraction so that Lily would get more time to recover between them.

By 10:30 it was time to get her out. The doctor and I talked and she decided to help out and use a vacuum. She got that ready and at 10:42 Lily was delivered. She was 6 pounds, 12 ounces and 20 inches long. As it turns out her head had been presenting at an odd angle. so she had been caught up on my pelvis. Anyway, they laid our little girl on my tummy right away and I just couldn't believe it. There was our little girl. I had been pregnant for nearly nine full months, but I never quite wrapped my head around it all. My doctor had Tyson cut her cord and he watched as they checked her out while my doctor took care of me. Lily had good apgar results, but she was grunting a bit and given that she was 2.5 weeks early they decided to take her to the NICU for observation. I was disappointed because after all this work I end up in the delivery room with just my mom while my husband and baby are off in the NICU.

Thankfully, by 1:45 am they are ready to take me upstairs to the mother/baby unit, but first the nurse was going to take me to the NICU to see my little girl. Tyson came in right then and said that they were ready to send Lily upstairs to the regular nursery. So, the nurse wheeled me over to the NICU and we picked up Lily and took her upstairs with us.

We are just getting ready to leave the hospital this morning and I am so excited to get home. Everyone here has been wonderful, but home is always best. I have recovered very well. My blood pressure is back to normal already and my swelling is almost all gone. Lily is getting along perfectly! The pediatrician just came by to check on her again his morning and she is doing great. Her vital are all strong and she is feeding very well. She is such a content little girl. She is so alert and she loves to cuddle. I really couldn't ask for anything more.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Good Appointment!

After so many weeks of appointments with problems and a few hospital trips and such mixed in the middle I FINALLY had a good doctor appointment today! Lily is looking perfect, a little big, but completely perfect! Looks like she will be taking after her father more than her mother.
I'm still in the process of falling apart, but we are managing it well with bed rest and lots of fluids. I'm bored out of my mind but there is an end in sight. My doctor is pretty well convinced that I'll be in labor within a week or two. I sure hope that she is right, because I am ready to be done with this process and Tyson can't hardly wait to have his little girl here.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rain Storms

Today we got a couple of fantastic rain storms complete with hail, thunder, lightening, and a great down pour! According to the weather man we are in for five full days of weather like this.I don't really mind, it just means that we don't have to worry about watering the lawn, flower beds, or garden for a while and my lawn is really looking green.I may need to move this hanging basket for now though. At least until I can get Tyson to fix the gutter. Maybe we should modify the phrase "April showers bring May flowers" to "Early May showers bring late May flowers," at least for those living in Idaho.