Monday, May 24, 2010

Lily's FIRST Steps!

Today Lily decided that she doesn't want to be a baby anymore and would like to become a toddler. I didn't have my camera on hand for her very first step, but I still got a few little clips today.

I love the milk all over her chin. She is so happy!

Here she gets in a few steps. She doesn't want to try going very far. If her destination is more than 3-4 steps away she just drops and crawls. That's okay, she can stay a baby a little longer.

Another Garden Remodel

This Springs marks our 3rd year planting a garden. It is also our 3rd garden remodel. Our first year we just tilled the garden patch, added some compost, and then planted. Last year we built our beds using some concrete blocks, and while it looked very nice the beds got far too hot. And while that was great for some plants, others burned so this year Tyson tore it all out and started over.
So this year we made some new garden beds using 2x6's. We made several different sized beds and about 2 weeks ago we got everything planted.
I really love the new look. Anyone who knows me knows that I love good solid lines so this new design really appeals to me aesthetically. Many of the the items that we have planted will end up trellised and those trellises will go up in about 2 weeks. It should be a lof of fun to see how that works.
This is just a fun shot. I love watching my plants emerge from the soil This a row of beans.
Of course, not everything fits in one space so this year we have a large container of strawberry plants on our back patio long with a cherry tomato plant. They should make for some easily accesible snacks all summer long.
And a final shot of my first fuscias of the year. So many more to come, I can't wait!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One Year Pictures

I have found that Lily smiles and poses better for me than a professional photographer so for her one year photos I decided to take them myself at our home. You can be teh judge, but I think that they are wonderful. But then again the subject matter made it easy. How can you mess up when taking pictures of such a pretty little girl.
And one more piece of news, Lily can stand up on her own!!!
I won this little outfit and I thought that it would be fun to get some pictures of Lily wearing it.

Lily's FIRST Birthday

Well, last week our baby girl turned one. I'm not happy about it, my baby is growing up far too fast! But, there just isn't much that I can do about it so I will just have to accept the fact that my sweet baby girl is going to grow up.

Last Friday evening we had a little birthday party for Lily. It was a crazy day and well, Lily had a rough time. She had been doing great up until it was time for cake. She was very interested in the candle and reached for it right after it was blown out, and well, she got some hot wax on her finger. She cried and wouldn't touch her little cake again.
When I tried to give it to her a little later she just turned her face away and cry.
So we thought that it would be good to try opening up a present or two. Her aunt Ali helped her out.
And her aunts and uncles tried to help as well.
She loves this little ride-on toy that her Grandma and Grandpa Kesler gave her. She has been pushing it all around the house and pushing all of the millions of buttons. She also likes to hide her little toys in the seat.
A little later on we opened a few more presents with help from Tyson.
She loves all of her new toys and everything. It was getting late though so she really didn't get a chance to play with them that evening.
The next day we had lunch at my parents house to celebrate Tyson and Lily's birthdays and Lily got a second go at a birthday cake. She wasn't interested at first, but once I cut her a little slice and she could see that it was bread-like she just went for it. She wasn't very interested in the frosting, rather she mined her way into the cake to get the cake and avoid the frosting.
Later that day, once her Grandpa Hansen finished putting it together, she got to try out her new Cozy Coupe. She really likes it and has playing in it everyday since.
She also got to try out her new rocking horse. She loved the one at her Grandma and Grandpa Hansen's house so I was so excited that her aunts and uncle gave her one.

All in all it was a wonderful birthday. We love our sweet little girl!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Kiddie Pool

Tyson and I gave Lily a little pool for her birthday and today it was warm enough to try it out. She started out a little uneasy, not sure what to think about this outdoor bath. But she quickly warmed up to it.She decided that it was a lot of fun to throw her little diving sticks out onto the patio and then stretch herself out to pull them back in.
What a happy little girl. We are so blessed! I think that we will be spending a lot of time this summer outside.
And just because I have one, her is a short little clip of her playing in the pool.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

...Twelve Months...

I'm still shocked that a year has gone by already. I feel like just a few weeks ago I had a newborn baby girl and now all the sudden I have a one-year-old!

She is such a happy little girl and she has the sweetest little personality. She and her puppy are best friends and they love to play together. I don't have any official height and weight stats (we see the doctor in a couple of days) but she has sure grown!

I feel torn about the completion of this project. I have had so much fun doing all of these onesies, it will be strange not to have another one for next month. But I have loved them and I love the final outcome. Now I just need to put all of the monthly onesie pictures together somehow.

Well anyway, here's our final onesie.
The front:
The back:
And our birthday girl modeling it for us, isn't she sweet!
The front:
The back:And with her luvy:

And this is just something silly that she does these days. When she wants to be standing, but also have bth hands free, she puts her head againt the wall or the chair to help her balance.Lily got to open a birthday present today. She loves the Little People toys so we got her the Happy Sounds House and she has been playing with it all day.

And we will end this post with a little video of her playing with her birthday present.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Today was the last day of Lily's swimming lessons. It was such a fun class and Lily just loved the water. Of course she doesn't swim by any means, but she does jump into the pool when I say "ready, set go" and she kicks when I glide her around on her tummy and on her back. Mostly we just wanted her to feel comfortable and confident in the water.
Here are a few pictures that Tyson took today. They turned out kind of dark, but the baby is still cute.
Playing with the ring. She would drop it and then sputter when her head when under when she would lean forward to pick it up.
And showing her ring to daddy.
Gliding along on her tummy. The teacher would have us throw the little toy and the glide the baby toward it.
Smiling at her daddy.Here are a couple of videos that Tyson took today. The first here is Lily gliding around the pool. She manages to kick most of the time and will sometimes even use her arms to propel herself forward.

And this video is of Lily and I going down the water slide. She was such a brave little girl that we went down twice.