Wednesday, May 12, 2010

...Twelve Months...

I'm still shocked that a year has gone by already. I feel like just a few weeks ago I had a newborn baby girl and now all the sudden I have a one-year-old!

She is such a happy little girl and she has the sweetest little personality. She and her puppy are best friends and they love to play together. I don't have any official height and weight stats (we see the doctor in a couple of days) but she has sure grown!

I feel torn about the completion of this project. I have had so much fun doing all of these onesies, it will be strange not to have another one for next month. But I have loved them and I love the final outcome. Now I just need to put all of the monthly onesie pictures together somehow.

Well anyway, here's our final onesie.
The front:
The back:
And our birthday girl modeling it for us, isn't she sweet!
The front:
The back:And with her luvy:

And this is just something silly that she does these days. When she wants to be standing, but also have bth hands free, she puts her head againt the wall or the chair to help her balance.Lily got to open a birthday present today. She loves the Little People toys so we got her the Happy Sounds House and she has been playing with it all day.

And we will end this post with a little video of her playing with her birthday present.

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  1. How funny! Babies come up with the most adorable ways to do things! Thanks for posting about Lily. Even though I haven't met her in person or seen either of you guys for so long, I feel like I get to do lunch with you every so often. =)Happy Birthday, Lily!