Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Garden Remodel

This Springs marks our 3rd year planting a garden. It is also our 3rd garden remodel. Our first year we just tilled the garden patch, added some compost, and then planted. Last year we built our beds using some concrete blocks, and while it looked very nice the beds got far too hot. And while that was great for some plants, others burned so this year Tyson tore it all out and started over.
So this year we made some new garden beds using 2x6's. We made several different sized beds and about 2 weeks ago we got everything planted.
I really love the new look. Anyone who knows me knows that I love good solid lines so this new design really appeals to me aesthetically. Many of the the items that we have planted will end up trellised and those trellises will go up in about 2 weeks. It should be a lof of fun to see how that works.
This is just a fun shot. I love watching my plants emerge from the soil This a row of beans.
Of course, not everything fits in one space so this year we have a large container of strawberry plants on our back patio long with a cherry tomato plant. They should make for some easily accesible snacks all summer long.
And a final shot of my first fuscias of the year. So many more to come, I can't wait!

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