Saturday, August 25, 2012


I've got a couple of pretty bright girls.  Lily has struggled with the tricycle, she knows to to pedal, but with our bumpy driveway it can be a little hard for her.  The figured out a way where, if they work together, they both get a ride.  Lily does her best to pedal from the seat and Charlotte sits on the little stand on the back and pushes.
It actually works pretty well.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lucky Peak

For Christmas my parents gave us some credits from their account at a place where they rent out recreational toys.  We decided to use our points to rent a jet ski a couple of times this summer and a couple of weeks ago we went up to Lucky Peak with our friends, the Jenkins, and spent the day on the lake.  We were worried at first because it was so smoky during our drive up, but it cleared up soon enough and we ended up having a great day!

There is a small beach area where the kids played, and boy did they play!  A couple of shovels and buckets and they are happy for hours.

 Tyson likes to fish, just a little bit, so here he is pouring over his guide to double check the rules for this body of water.  He's kinda paranoid, but I love him.  He doesn't love this picture, but it made me laugh so I had to share.
 I really love this though, it is so precious to see these two spending time together.  Tyson carried her out with him and placed her on the rock next to his.
 This went on for quite a while.  Some large wakes came in that broke over the top of their rocks so Tyson had to pick her up until they passed, then they went right on fishing.
 Charlotte is a little hesitant about lake water.  She happily sits in 1-3 inches of water and plays in the sand, but she doesn't like to go in much deeper.  I finally coaxed her in and after a few minutes she really started to enjoy it.
Gotta have some healthy snacks to get you through the day!

 We all had a great time riding the jetski.  Charlotte was all for it and was insistent on holding the handles and while we didn't go too fast (because she's still a baby) she loved it and even fell asleep on one ride.  It was a little difficult to dock the jetski with one hand while holding the sleeping baby up with the other.
Lily took a while to warm up to it.  When we had a jetski back in June she was not interested and refused to go near it.  She loved watching people ride it, but didn't want to get near it.  This time, she was still afraid, but we kinda made her take a ride.  Tyson placed her on with me and within 20 seconds she was happy and soon was asking to go "super fast" and she liked the bumps.  She was just plain fearless and it was hard to get her off.  In fact, she rode with me back to the launch and stayed on until we got it loaded up on the trailer.

Fishing with Daddy

While we were in Island Park Tyson wanted to do some fishing, and since Lily always talks about fishing with daddy (she did once before, several months ago) we bought a little pole for her.
 She is very proud of her princess fishing pole.
 She is quite the determined little fisher.
 I love this pair!
 When she wasn't tossing rocks into the river to scare all of the fish away, 
 this was how Charlotte spent her time.

Johnny Sack Cabin

This month we had the Harper (my mom's family) Family Reunion in Island Park.  One morning we went on a little family outing to see the Johnny Sack Cabin and the fish breeding ground at the head of this little stream.  It was a beautiful, peaceful little spot.

 The water so was so clear and clean!
 Reading the signs with daddy, we have to read every sign, no matter what.

 I think that I could very happily live here, though I might want a slightly larger cabin.

Wheeler Farm

Earlier this month our family went down to Sandy, UT to visit Grandma and Grandpa Hansen.  Our girls love getting to spend time with their grandparents!

During this visit we made a trip to Wheeler Farm.  The girls love animals and they really enjoyed getting to see a lot of different farm animals up close.  Charlotte was not too sure about the horses though, but to be fair, they were huge compared to her.
 Both girls found this pig, taking a little bath, fascinating.

 When we got to the pony and calf Charlotte was very interested.  Aunt Brittney was stuck there for a bit because Charlotte would not let go of the gate.
 Charlotte liked climbing in the wagon,
 and Lily liked sitting on the saddle
 and of course sitting on Grandpa's shoulders.
 These girls are just so sweet to each other (most of the time)
 and so happy!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Having s Sister

I've got lots, well, 5 to be exact, but in most people's book that counts as a lot of sisters.  When I was pregnant with Charlotte and we were told that she was a girl I was really excited.  I was thrilled that Lily was going to have a sister so close in age.  I just knew that they would grow to be best friends.  And really, they are typical sisters; fighting and quarreling on minute over a little toy or being in the way and the next they are cuddling together reading a book and laughing.

This afternoon while we were playing downstairs in the playroom Charlotte fell off of the rocking horse.  She landed with her knees hitting the base and it hurts.  As she started to whimper about it Lily went over to her, put her arm around her shoulder, and said "Are you hurt Charlotte?  You need some chocolate to make you feel better," and she led her over to the little play kitchen to start mixing up some imaginary chocolate ice cream to make the hurt go away.

Then this evening, as we were reading our bedtime stories down on Lily's bed Lily asked if Charlotte could sleep in her bed again tonight (we tried this once last week).  I said yes and stuffed the stuffed frog in the gap between the bed and the wall to prevent another little spill and tucked them in together.  I went back to check on them about an hour later and Lily was still awake, and Charlotte was asleep with her head on Lily's tummy.  Lily was stroking her hair gently and when I peeked in said softly "Charlotte's sleeping," and then turned back to stroking her hair.  I went back about half an hour later and took this picture.
I love these girls, and I love just how much they love each other.  I'm so glad that they have each other!