Monday, April 27, 2009

Home Progress

Here's the home progress slideshow...

We have really enjoyed having this home as a project to work on over the last year. We've done a lot, but as you can see there is more to do.

Summer Dress

I've been trying to find little projects lately that will keep me busy. I did a search last week and came up with some fun crochet patterns for baby summer dresses. I just finished the first one and I love it! I have a couple more patterns that I want to try out, but this pregnancy carpal tunnel isn't making it easy so I think that they'll have to wait a little bit. I'm off to find another project...
Oh, and if anyone wants the pattern it is pretty simple and I can email it to you.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


One year ago today Tyson and I made the biggest purchase of our lives, we bought our house! It has been a fun adventure for us. We love our old house (she is 94 years-old this year) and we have really enjoyed fixing up the yard the the interior. It is still a work in progress, but we really have come a long way.
I had this idea to do a slide show of before and after for the improvements that we have made, but silly me I broke my camera. I'm getting a new one tomorrow though so I'll work on the slide show and put it up later this week.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Shower

Last Saturday my sisters threw me a baby shower which was so much fun. However, I decided to go ahead and break my camera about a week ago, so I have been waiting for my friend Mary to send me pictures from the shower. She sent them to me today so here they are.

I wish that I had pictures from the lovely shower that my mother-in-law and her family threw while we were down visiting them in March. It was so much fun!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Books Shelves

When we moved last April a couple of my book shelves broke in the move. Since that time Tyson and I have planned on building some new ones so I have had all of the books that I couldn't fit on my other shelves sitting in Lily's closet. Well, now I need that closet so we had to figure something out. I've been bugging Tyson about it and this week he finished the project! We have had this nook that is worthless space and so we decided to place some built-in shelves there. I love them! We filled them up and the sad thing is that I still need more space for books... Well, I don't think that it is sad.

Why banks should not own homes...

Where I live we have pressurized irrigation. It really is a great system. I can use all of the water that I want 6 months out of the year for my yard and it costs me less that $100. We love it.
Well, my next door neighbor lost his home to the bank because he tried to sell it for nearly a year but was would not lower his asking price to anything reasonable. Anyway, no one has lived there for over 6 months. Well, on Monday I noticed that a sprinkler pipe must have burst over these because there was a lot of standing water and it was bubbling up out of the ground. Well, we did the right thing and called the number posted on the door in case of emergency. Tyson left a message to let them know what was going on.
Today is Thursday and they finally came to check it out. The guys that they sent out had no idea what they were looking for so they came and knocked on my door and I had to explain how pressurized irrigation works and such and I had to get them the number to call the city and have them come out and shut it off. Also, since they took their sweet time about it my neighbors basement is flooded. They just left, the water is still running, and now I am worried that if they don't take care of it so my own basement may end up flooded.
If this is how banks handle emergency situations, then it is no surprise that they are losing money. I mean, here we are trying to be helpful and protect THEIR asset and they don't even care. If they had come out on Monday they would have just needed to shut the water off. Now they will need to remediate the flood damage in the basement. Anyway, I'm annoyed.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trip to L&D

Today we had a a typical appointment with my doctor to check up on Lily and to make sure that everything was going along as it should be. Well, Lily is fine, but I'm having some issues. The doctor did an ultrasound and my fluid was really low again and my blood pressure was rather high.
So, we got to spend 4 hours today over at labor and delivery being monitored and taking several tests. They even gave me a steroid shot just in case she needs to come early. While it wasn't how I wanted to spend my day, it turned out just fine. I was sent home after they pumped me full of fluid and my levels increased and my blood pressure went down.
Lily was doing great the entire time. Her heart beat was right on and she was very active. She is measuring just right and is already weighing in at over 5 1/2 pounds. Her lungs and heart are both very strong. I have to go back tomorrow for another shot, but other than that I was told to stay home (no shopping trips or anything like that) and rest. Tragic really since I broke our camera last week and I really need to go find a new one before Lily comes. Maybe I'll send my sister shopping for me.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


The last of my Spring bulbs are my tulips. I had no idea how big these tulips would would turn out to be. They are huge and I love them! I think that I need to get a few brightly colored ones to mix in with them next year. Please excuse the weeds. It is getting hard for me to weed the flower beds now that I am 8 1/2 months pregnant and I keep giving Tyson other chores.
I loved this little grouping.


I was finally able to get some nice sunlight again today so I took some pictures of some of my other Spring bulbs that Liz got for me. The following are my apricot hyacinths. I loved these because, yet again, they are not common. I usually only see white and purple. Liz ordered some really bright colored ones for her house, maybe I can talk her into posting a photo of her bulbs.

Monday, April 6, 2009


This last Fall I had my sister Liz order some bulbs for me. I guess that I shouldn't say "some" since I ended up buying 275. Anyway, they are starting to come up so I have crocus, tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils everywhere.
I have been waiting to see the daffodils come up because I ordered some that I had never seen before and I have been dying to see if they would look as good at my home as they did in the magazine. Well, today they finally bloomed so I thought that I would share.