Friday, October 31, 2008

Fabulous Fives

My sister-in-law Brandie tagged me on this one so here is goes...

5 Years Ago:
1. I was working through my senior year at BYU
2. I lived in a very run down apartment, but I loved it! Good friends make all the difference...
3. I swore that I would never marry a Utah boy...
4. I lived on so little I can't even fathom it now
5. We made our annual Fall trip to Zions and I haven't been there since

5 Things on My List Today:
1. Go to the grocery store
2. Survive the work day without killing a few clients
3. Give our dog Oscar a bath and pedicure
4. Get some sleep
5. Actually cook something for dinner tonight

5 Snacks I Enjoy:
1. Popcorn
2. Most any fresh fruit
3. Yogurt
4. Ice Cream
5. Chips and Dip

5 Things I Would Do if I Were a Millionaire:
1. Buy 20 acres and build a new house
2. Quit my job
3. Spend one month every year in another country
4. Finish my masters degree and get my PhD
5. Open a private school

5 Places I have Lived:
1. Blackfoot, ID
2. Boise, ID
3. Provo, UT
4. Auburn, CA
5. Sacramento, CA

5 Jobs I Have Had:
1. Day Care Worker
2. Student Manager at the Creamer on Ninth
3. Server at Brick Oven
4. Account Manager for Market Research Firm
5. Insurance Producer

5 People I Tag:
1. Liz
2. Sarita
3. Becca Clawson
4. Tamara Kelm
5. Rachel Fisher

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So, we have some news...

We just wanted to let our friends and family know that we are going to get an addition to our little family next May...This little picture was taken at our first ultrasound when I was only 6.5 weeks along. We are now 10 weeks along (1/4 done!) and so far so good...

What a Crazy Month!

October has just been a wild ride for us. We have had some very fun and exciting things happen this month. First, my nephew was born on October 10th. He was a full 10 lbs 15 oz and 23 inches long! He also came with a stunning full head of blond hair! He really is precious. Sarita seems to have recovered pretty well and she and Eric are adjusting to life with a newborn. It is fun to get to be the aunt and just hold him and such when we are together and then hand him back to his mom when he gets hungry and fussy. It is really sweet though. He is just under three months younger than his uncle Jack (and nearly the same size) so it will be fun for him to have some family close in age to play with as he grows up.

Also we have been working very hard this month with our dog Oscar and we are proud to announce and he is officially house trained! I know, not very exciting to all of you, but it is great! (Those of you who have potty-trained a child will understand the joy). He is also crate and kennel trained and is doing well with the command "come." He has grown so much and we are excited about that, though he still thinks that he is a lap dog. We found a wonderful obedience class that starts in January that will run for ten weeks. He will be six and a half months old by then, so the perfect age. He is a smart dog and catches on quickly (it took about a week to potty train him) so I think that this will be wonderful for him.

We have some other fun news to share but that will have to wait for another post...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Gone with the Wind

As I was writing my last blog a funny story came to mind that I have to share.
A few Sundays ago I was feeling pretty worn out and sick. That afternoon I really wasn't up to doing much of anything, so Tyson suggested that I pick out a movie for us to watch. He usually makes some stipulations (ie: no Jane Austin, no foreign, etc.) but this week he didn't say anything like that. So, I thought that I would give him a bit of a choice in the selection process and I asked "Red or Yellow," which were the colors of the DVD cases. He picked red so our movie for the afternoon was Gone with the Wind. It is an absolute classic so I figured that everyone knew about it. When I told him what he picked he said "Oh, isn't that a Western?" I nearly died laughing. It was just what I needed to make me feel better. I told him that it was not and that it was a great American classic. He said "Oh, okay. It's the one with Dr. Zhivago in it right?" I don't think that I drew a breath for a few minutes after that one. I love my husband, I really do, but I forget sometimes how very different we. I love the classics, he loves the modern, so we get to experience both so it works out well. Really though, we are much more alike than I think any else suspects.


I really don't enjoy shopping all that much. I think that I must have just missed out on that gene. I am the type of person who walks into the store knowing what I want, I grab it, buy it and leave. If I know that it will take some time I shop around online first to find out what I want and where to go. When I shopped for my wedding dress I looked around online for a few days, found one I liked, called a store in town that carried it and my total time in store was under 30 minutes. So, I don't go shopping much and up until recently, I hadn't taken Tyson with me unless we were shopping for groceries or clothing for him.
So, this last Saturday, fo the first time since we have been married, Tyson and I went shopping together to get something for me. I needed a new purse, my birthday was over the weekend, so I decided it was time. So, we went in and wandered over to the purse section and I proceeded to browse through the selection. I'm rather picky about my purses so I was taking longer than usual. The problem was, that in the purse area they have all of these little islands that are about five and a half feet tall on which they display more purses. I'm only 5'5" so I could not be seen behind these. My poor husband, one the other hand, is 6'4" and was perfectly visible. It was actually very entertaining to see the way that people looked at him. Here is this somewhat rough looking guy standing around looking and purses and pulling them off of the shelf (they were up high and I couldn't reach them). He really could not have looked much more out of place and he knew it.
It was just to funny because we had never gone shopping together to get something for me before so he wasn't quite sure what to do with himself. I was informed that from now on, whenever we go shopping for me, I need to wear heels so that I can at least be seen over the top of the racks.
It may have been a little uncomfortable for him, but I came out of it with the greatest purse ever and a nice little laugh.