Friday, October 31, 2014


This year for Halloween the girls were insistent on picking their own costumes.  I rather enjoy having themes to our family costumes, but when Lily decided that she just had to be Ella Bella Ballerina I knew that a typical theme would just not work, so we decided to go with story book characters.
 Lily is my little ballerina and she loves all of her Ella Bella books.
 Charlotte decided to be Alice the Fairy.  This little book fits our spunky little girl perfectly!
 She loved being Alice!
 Gideon's costume was harder to decide on.  I asked Tyson for his input and he suggested one of my favorite books, The Little Prince.
 I'm not sure that anyone knew who he was, but I loved his little costume and he didn't complain.
We had a great Halloween.  On the Saturday before Halloween we went to Boo at the Zoo and then on Halloween we went trick-or-treating with the Jenkins family and then spent the evening with them.