Tuesday, September 27, 2011

....Seven Months....

Well, she just keeps growing and growing. Today our little Lottie is seven months old!

This has been an eventful month for our baby girl. She has mastered the art of crawling, no more army crawl and lunging for her. Charlotte is also pulling herself up on the furniture. She isn't cruising yet, but she is getting confident enough to take little steps so I don't think that it will take long for her to start cruising.

Charlotte also welcomed her two top teeth this month, giving her four total right now. She loves to play with her teeth so she is always sticking her tongue out and razzing which means that he chin is almost always covered in drool.

This morning we took her seven months pictures and she was so cheerful, it was easy to get pictures of her smiling.
Here's our little girl with her piggy, she is getting so big!
She is such a sweet girl. Her eye color has started changing again, they aren't really blue anymore, but they aren't any other color yet either. I guess that time will tell.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not Content to Just Crawl

Apparently mastering the art of crawling was not enough of an accomplishment for one month, Charlotte decided that she needed to learn to pull herself up as well. At first I thought that is was just an extension of crawling, like when she would try crawling over Tyson's legs or onto a short box.

Nope, she didn't limit herself to short little climbs, she pulls herself up on everything now. The couch is an obvious choice.
The bathtub seemed like fun to her, but it scared me to death.
The crib is another obvious choice and one of her favorites.
The ottoman gives her a challenge because it rocks, that doesn't stop her though, she loves to pull up, and scoot around it. She isn't really cruising yet, but she is taking tiny steps. Not okay with this mommy.
Anything works really, the girl just wants to be standing.
Could someone please tell this little girl that she's not even seven months old yet and she is too little for this!

Monday, September 19, 2011

She's on the move!

Apparently army crawling and lunging are no longer acceptable to our little Charlotte. This sweet girl has decided that crawling is the way to go now and is all over the place!This last week she has perfected moving from a sitting position to a crawling position and then back to sitting. Here's a short little clip of our girl on the go.

She also decided that she needed two more teeth, her top two have popped on through and boy does she ever like to use them!
Good thing she is such a cutie!
She sees Lily playing with this all of the time, and try as she might, she just can't seem to figure it out yet, but she puts forward a valiant effort to mimic her big sister.
She just seems to think that she should get to be a big girl already. She has even started trying to pull herself up to standing which is so naughty for this baby girl!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


This morning the girls and I went for a long walk and ended up at the park. Charlotte is just now getting big enough for the swings so we decided to give it a go. She LOVED it!
Lily always loves the swings. She usually swings on her tummy on the regular swings, but wanted to try the toddler ones today.
Such sweet sisters playing together!

Story Time with Daddy

A few nights ago we got a little off schedule so while I fed Charlotte and put her to sleep Tyson took Lily downstairs to get started on bedtime with her. When I finished with Charlotte and went downstairs this is what I found.
Our girls are so lucky to have such a sweet daddy that loves to spend quality time with them!

Random Updates

I've been slacking, no blog posts in two weeks!

That's probably because it seems like not much is going on around here lately, we are running in "life as usual" mode around here right now. Tyson is back in school and is taking a very full load and is very busy these days. The girls and I keep ourselves busy everyday doing who knows what. We are anxiously awaiting Autumn and the cooler weather that comes with it. Summer was fun, but we are ready for it to be over.

Charlotte is crawling, kind of. She crawls for a few steps and then falls, sometimes she lunges, but no matter what method she uses this girl gets everywhere and into everything.
Lily has mastered the alphabet, upper and lower case. Her most recent fixation is her name, she brings me her magna doodle and asks me to write her name several times a day.
The girls are really starting to play together. Lily gets annoyed sometimes when Charlotte gets into her things, but she shares really well and is such a sweet big sister. Charlotte is fascinated by Lily and always wants to be near her.