Monday, September 19, 2011

She's on the move!

Apparently army crawling and lunging are no longer acceptable to our little Charlotte. This sweet girl has decided that crawling is the way to go now and is all over the place!This last week she has perfected moving from a sitting position to a crawling position and then back to sitting. Here's a short little clip of our girl on the go.

She also decided that she needed two more teeth, her top two have popped on through and boy does she ever like to use them!
Good thing she is such a cutie!
She sees Lily playing with this all of the time, and try as she might, she just can't seem to figure it out yet, but she puts forward a valiant effort to mimic her big sister.
She just seems to think that she should get to be a big girl already. She has even started trying to pull herself up to standing which is so naughty for this baby girl!

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  1. Logan is doing the same thing! He pulled himself up on the side of his crib this week and we had to lower the mattress. I don't know who told me he was allowed to grow up so fast.

    Oh and I love Charlotte's blonde hair, its so light!!