Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not Content to Just Crawl

Apparently mastering the art of crawling was not enough of an accomplishment for one month, Charlotte decided that she needed to learn to pull herself up as well. At first I thought that is was just an extension of crawling, like when she would try crawling over Tyson's legs or onto a short box.

Nope, she didn't limit herself to short little climbs, she pulls herself up on everything now. The couch is an obvious choice.
The bathtub seemed like fun to her, but it scared me to death.
The crib is another obvious choice and one of her favorites.
The ottoman gives her a challenge because it rocks, that doesn't stop her though, she loves to pull up, and scoot around it. She isn't really cruising yet, but she is taking tiny steps. Not okay with this mommy.
Anything works really, the girl just wants to be standing.
Could someone please tell this little girl that she's not even seven months old yet and she is too little for this!

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