Tuesday, September 27, 2011

....Seven Months....

Well, she just keeps growing and growing. Today our little Lottie is seven months old!

This has been an eventful month for our baby girl. She has mastered the art of crawling, no more army crawl and lunging for her. Charlotte is also pulling herself up on the furniture. She isn't cruising yet, but she is getting confident enough to take little steps so I don't think that it will take long for her to start cruising.

Charlotte also welcomed her two top teeth this month, giving her four total right now. She loves to play with her teeth so she is always sticking her tongue out and razzing which means that he chin is almost always covered in drool.

This morning we took her seven months pictures and she was so cheerful, it was easy to get pictures of her smiling.
Here's our little girl with her piggy, she is getting so big!
She is such a sweet girl. Her eye color has started changing again, they aren't really blue anymore, but they aren't any other color yet either. I guess that time will tell.

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