Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Potty Training and Other Adventures

We have been working on potty training over the last week. We've given it a try a few times before, but with no luck. I finally decided that I was tired of buying diapers and Lily was tired of having diapers changed. Over the last few days Lily has decided that she likes to use the potty. In the last few days she has only had one little accident, so other than nap time and bedtime when she wears a pull-up our little Lily is wearing big girl panties from now on. She loves wearing panties instead, so much so that this evening she thought that Charlotte might also enjoy them and tried to put some on her. I'm so proud of her, such a wonderful girl!
Our little Lottie is getting big too, my little girl looks so different with her top teeth, she is growing up so quickly!
Here's a sneak peak of this years Halloween costume. Charlotte's is almost ready too, I'm so excited to dress up my girls.

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