Thursday, October 27, 2011

....Eight Months....

Yesterday our Charlotte Elizabeth turned 8 months old!
(blogger was having issues so I couldn't upload pictures yesterday)

She continues to grow and develop so quickly. Charlotte is an expert crawler now and cruises along the furniture really well, even moving from one object to another. She has also found her little voice and is starting to babble all of the time. Her favorite thing however is to blow raspberries. Last Sunday during Relief Society Charlotte wandered around the room the entire time smiling at everyone and blowing raspberries for nearly the full hour. Charlotte is trying to learn how to go up stairs, and for the most part has figured it out, but still needs to work on getting back down them.

Charlotte is also working on two more teeth so she has been chewing on everything, and everyone. Poor thing already managed to chip one of her front teeth, and I'm not even sure how, I just noticed the chip.
Here's our sweet little Lottie, getting so big!
And with her piggy! This was a hard picture to get, this girl does not sit still for anything and she kept getting up and rocking the chair.
So happy!
We had our playgroup Halloween party yesterday so Charlotte got to wear her little costume for the first time.
Charlotte is a champion eater, but so independent. She prefers to feed herself and often takes the spoon from me. It won't be long at all until we totally transition to finger food for her.
Her eye color has not really set yet. They are still mostly blue, but some days there is a bit of brown in them. I suppose that we will just have to keep waiting.
We love our sweet girl!

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