Monday, October 31, 2011


The holiday season is officially here, at least for me it is. I always consider Halloween the beginning of the holiday season.

I managed to get a slightly better picture of Lily in costume today before we left the house. She wouldn't stop dancing so I had to sort through all of my action shots to find this one.
This afternoon I took the girls to downtown Nampa. On Halloween the businesses in the old town area are open for trick-or-treating. Lily did great holding onto the stroller and she really caught on to how to trick-or-treat.
It was chilly so Charlotte just hung out in the stroller chewing on her toys while Lily trick-or-treated.
It was lovely.
Afterwards my girls and I went to my parents' home. In their neighborhood everyone gets together and lines up in camp chairs around the park and the kids go around the loop to trick-or-treat. It was great for Lily because it didn't take too long, and she didn't have to knock on any doors.
We had a lot of fun this evening, despite the cold. Lily loved to be in her costume and Charlotte was a trooper helping me hand out candy to all of the little trick-or-treaters.

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