Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Such a Smart Little Thing

Lily amazes me sometimes. For so long she was way behind, she wouldn't speak, not for anything. A few months ago she started speaking and now she seems to be learning new things everyday. She has mastered the alphabet, she knows her numbers from 1-10, and this last week has been asking about colors. She has also learned a lot of shapes. It amazes me because just a few months ago I was begging her to say ANYTHING and now she is just off and running. Today, she even spelled her name all on her own. She asks me to write her name all of the time and I have taken to asking her what letters I need to write. Today she told me all four letters, in the right order 3 times.

She potty trained herself essentially overnight. For several days I'd been trying, but she refused to use the potty and would wait to go until nap time or bedtime when I would put a pull-up on her. After a few days of that, on afternoon, she just said "potty," I took her, she went and has only had a few accidents since, and it has been over a month.

This last week she has also started putting herself down for a nap. Once lunch is over I tell her nap time and she goes downstairs, shuts her door, climbs in bed, pulls up the covers, and flips through a book for a while. I was shocked the first time that she did it, but she keeps doing it.

I love this little girl, she is such a sweetheart, so loving, and the best big sister.

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