Sunday, November 20, 2011


I've been a slacking about blogging this month. We've just been in our routine, no big events or anything, just life as normal in the Hansen home. I've been a slacking about uploading my photos as well so while uploading a months worth of pictures (which is a lot around here) I selected a few from the month to show what we have been up to.

Of course the fall weather is here, and it has been really cold. We had a warm day last week though so Lily and I went out to play in the leaves while Charlotte napped.
It didn't take long for her to become completely enamored with them, she was very sad to have to go back into the house.
Lily is always up to something. Last week I came home from my morning jog to find this. She is obsessed with coloring lately and takes it very seriously.
My girls are become best friends. Lily loves to help Charlotte and Charlotte always wants to be wherever Lily is. Here are my girls enjoying snack time together. Lily loves to share her snacks with her sister. Charlotte has inherited my goofy grin apparently.
Another snack time sharing a banana.
My girls love to torment the dog, all of the time. Don't be fooled though, Oscar loves the attention.
Lily likes to dress herself up. here she has on daddy's work boots, my ear warmer, a necklace, and she is using a knitting needle as a wand.
Another day she insisted on wearing my boots. They were not as easy to walk in as she had anticipated.
Charlotte is growing like a weed and her 5th and 6th teeth have popped through. She has also managed to chip one of her front teeth. No idea how that happened, but the chip is small.
She loves to do what she sees Lily do and tries to copy her when playing.
She is cruising along everything these days and will even let go of everything and stand on her own for a bit. Not okay, she needs to wait a few more months before she starts walking.
Here are a few silly video clips of my girls being, well, sill as usual.

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