Sunday, October 30, 2011

Boo at the Zoo

Yesterday was "Boo at the Zoo" and it was lovely! The weather was perfect, and this year it wasn't just Lily and I, we of course had Charlotte with us, but Tyson also managed to get the day off AND Grandma and Grandpa Hansen and Aunt Katie were also in town visiting for the weekend so we had quite the little group. Lily was so excited to be going to the zoo, in the car she kept saying "Zoo! Zoo!" She was a little nervous when we first got there, but soon warmed up to the animals and got very excited about them, and was eager to learn their names.
Here she is standing in front of the Condor's cage. She was scared of him the first time that we walked by, he was perched with his wings spread, but when we came back by she was no afraid of him at all.
Charlotte was not thrilled about being in the stroller so she ended up being held most of the time. I don't mind, I kinda like holding my baby.
These are the best pictures of them in costume that I managed to get while at the park. Lily got to pick one treat out of her beg and was gleefully running though the park.
Charlotte was so happy to be set down and free to roam around.
This is the best that I could do with getting my girls together in one picture. We'll try again tomorrow.

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