Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why banks should not own homes...

Where I live we have pressurized irrigation. It really is a great system. I can use all of the water that I want 6 months out of the year for my yard and it costs me less that $100. We love it.
Well, my next door neighbor lost his home to the bank because he tried to sell it for nearly a year but was would not lower his asking price to anything reasonable. Anyway, no one has lived there for over 6 months. Well, on Monday I noticed that a sprinkler pipe must have burst over these because there was a lot of standing water and it was bubbling up out of the ground. Well, we did the right thing and called the number posted on the door in case of emergency. Tyson left a message to let them know what was going on.
Today is Thursday and they finally came to check it out. The guys that they sent out had no idea what they were looking for so they came and knocked on my door and I had to explain how pressurized irrigation works and such and I had to get them the number to call the city and have them come out and shut it off. Also, since they took their sweet time about it my neighbors basement is flooded. They just left, the water is still running, and now I am worried that if they don't take care of it so my own basement may end up flooded.
If this is how banks handle emergency situations, then it is no surprise that they are losing money. I mean, here we are trying to be helpful and protect THEIR asset and they don't even care. If they had come out on Monday they would have just needed to shut the water off. Now they will need to remediate the flood damage in the basement. Anyway, I'm annoyed.


  1. UGH!!! How very annoying! We'll keep our fingers crossed you won't have any damages to your won basement. =(

  2. Our pressurized irrigation costs us $600 bucks a year. Jealous?