Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Today was the last day of Lily's swimming lessons. It was such a fun class and Lily just loved the water. Of course she doesn't swim by any means, but she does jump into the pool when I say "ready, set go" and she kicks when I glide her around on her tummy and on her back. Mostly we just wanted her to feel comfortable and confident in the water.
Here are a few pictures that Tyson took today. They turned out kind of dark, but the baby is still cute.
Playing with the ring. She would drop it and then sputter when her head when under when she would lean forward to pick it up.
And showing her ring to daddy.
Gliding along on her tummy. The teacher would have us throw the little toy and the glide the baby toward it.
Smiling at her daddy.Here are a couple of videos that Tyson took today. The first here is Lily gliding around the pool. She manages to kick most of the time and will sometimes even use her arms to propel herself forward.

And this video is of Lily and I going down the water slide. She was such a brave little girl that we went down twice.

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