Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lily's FIRST Birthday

Well, last week our baby girl turned one. I'm not happy about it, my baby is growing up far too fast! But, there just isn't much that I can do about it so I will just have to accept the fact that my sweet baby girl is going to grow up.

Last Friday evening we had a little birthday party for Lily. It was a crazy day and well, Lily had a rough time. She had been doing great up until it was time for cake. She was very interested in the candle and reached for it right after it was blown out, and well, she got some hot wax on her finger. She cried and wouldn't touch her little cake again.
When I tried to give it to her a little later she just turned her face away and cry.
So we thought that it would be good to try opening up a present or two. Her aunt Ali helped her out.
And her aunts and uncles tried to help as well.
She loves this little ride-on toy that her Grandma and Grandpa Kesler gave her. She has been pushing it all around the house and pushing all of the millions of buttons. She also likes to hide her little toys in the seat.
A little later on we opened a few more presents with help from Tyson.
She loves all of her new toys and everything. It was getting late though so she really didn't get a chance to play with them that evening.
The next day we had lunch at my parents house to celebrate Tyson and Lily's birthdays and Lily got a second go at a birthday cake. She wasn't interested at first, but once I cut her a little slice and she could see that it was bread-like she just went for it. She wasn't very interested in the frosting, rather she mined her way into the cake to get the cake and avoid the frosting.
Later that day, once her Grandpa Hansen finished putting it together, she got to try out her new Cozy Coupe. She really likes it and has playing in it everyday since.
She also got to try out her new rocking horse. She loved the one at her Grandma and Grandpa Hansen's house so I was so excited that her aunts and uncle gave her one.

All in all it was a wonderful birthday. We love our sweet little girl!

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