Monday, July 7, 2008

My Living Room is Done!

I mentioned in a previous post that I had finally determined what colors to paint the rest of the upstairs of my house. Until at least the Winter I am ignoring my basement. We don'd need the extra room down there and it needs a bit of work before I can do much of anything. Anyway, I have been working on getting my living room and dining room painted for about a week now and I finally finished the living room. The dining room is coming along (it takes a few coats when you are using red paint), but it should be finished by Wednesday. I had promised some photos so here they are. Prior to being painted the walls were just plain white and dirty, despite all of my attempts to clean them. I love this new color though. It is just so warm and inviting. I had several people tell me I was a little crazy with my color choice, but I love the way that it looks with my dark wood and especially my antique door with the stained leaded glass. Now that I have the room painted and our furniture back in there I have a good idea what style of fabric I need to buy to reupholster our couch and chair. Again, that will be another Winter project for me, but I am excited to get going on it.

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