Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Medical Equipment Malfunction...

Today I had yet another doctor's appointment. Between my OB and Endocrinologist I'm at a doctors office every two weeks. Anyway, I was excited for this appointment. I've been feeling kind of worried (I couldn't tell you why other than that I worry) so I just wanted the reassurance that everything was progressing just fine. I sit down, talk to the doctor, everything is looking great. As a final step she grabs her little Doppler device to listen for a heart beat, and well, it doesn't want to work. The little gadget keeps breaking down on her. At first that got me kind of upset because it is VERY reassuring to hear that little heart beat. But, it turned out great. Instead of trying again with her Doppler she just took me right on down the hall and had them do an ultrasound instead. So, instead of just getting to hear the heart beat I got to see our little one moving around all over the place! I know, it doesn't sound all that exciting, but it was to me. I had really been hoping to get another glimpse at the baby before January.

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