Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Leaves

We have a rather large crimson maple in our front yard and so this time of year the ground just gets blanketed with leaves. I love them though. I love the look, the smell, and the sound.
Anyway, Tyson has spent the morning outside raking up the leaves. Once Lily woke up from her nap and ate I took her outside to visit daddy. We sat her down in a pile of leaves and she loved them so I ran inside for my camera.
While I went inside Tyson decided to bury her in the leaves. When she sat up she was still buried up to her waist and loved it!Last of all is just a short clip of Lily playing with the leaves.
Oh, and other good news, our little girl has learned to sit up on her own!

1 comment:

  1. She is SO darling! I just love her sweet smile and chubby cheeks! Thanks for posting these! I just love to look at her. =) And YAY for sitting up on her own! It's makes you so proud, doesn't it?