Thursday, June 24, 2010

Story Time

I used to read to Lily all the time when she was smaller. It was easy, she just laid there and let me read her stories. I actually used to read some of my favorites aloud to her before she was even born while I was up late waiting for Tyson to get home from work. Anyway, around 8 months old she got so squirmy and would not let me read to her anymore. She just wanted to take the book away and flip through it herself. She loves to flip through books.
I replaced one shelf on one of the living room bookshelves with her books. She spends time every day pulling some (if not all) of the books out and flipping through them.

Recently though, she has started picking up a book and walking over to me. She puts her arms up (her way of telling me to pick her up) and shows me the book. I love these moments. She cuddles up on my lap and lets me read her the story. She laughs when I make the funny sounds or I do voices. I love it! It is such a wonderful quiet time, just me and my sweet baby girl. I don't think that I can really convey just how much I love this age.

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  1. YOu're SO lucky! Even from the time Jonathan was around 4 months old, he wanted to rip pages out of every book he got ahold of. Only within the last 3 or 4 weeks has he actually started to flip through them. I can't even remember how many of his and our books he destroyed. lol it's amazing to me the difference between babies, especially boys and girls. I hope that he will learn to settle so I can spend time reading to him and his little sister. =)