Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of Dance Class

Wait, hold on a minute, we had another fun first today.  As if starting preschool wasn't enough for one day, this afternoon Lily started dance class.  It is the Creative 3's class at the Canyon Dance Academy and she has been so excited for this day to come, she has been talking about it for months!
 See this face, just eager to get out of the door and go to dance class.  I had to hide her dancing costume, as she calls it, after we bought it because she would beg and beg to wear it and if she found it she would slip it on, so it has been hidden for the last few weeks.  I pulled it out this afternoon and she was so excited!
 One of her little friends from playgroup is on her class with her and they were just ecstatic when they saw each other at the studio.  The other girls were shy and with their moms and our two girls were running around, jumping, and dancing in the hallway.
I'm pretty sure that Lily is going to just love this as well.  She struggled a bit with paying attention and following directions, mostly because she was so excited by the room and the whole experience, but I'm sure that she will settle into it soon.  

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