Thursday, May 23, 2013


Everyone has told me that adjusting to the 3rd child is the hardest.  I'm not sure yet, it hasn't even been a week, but it certainly is an adjustment.  Thankfully I have sweet kids that make it all worthwhile.  This afternoon my kids were so wonderfully generous to me, they all slept, at the same time, for 2 hours.  It was so calm and quiet around here, I just relaxed and enjoyed it.

They sure are sweet when they are sleeping.

 Lily has been talking about what she would do with this baby ever since we told her that we were expecting.  She's been wanting to have a tea party with for ages so this afternoon she set one up in her room and Gideon and I went downstairs so that she could finally have her long awaited tea party with her baby brother.  She invited several dolls and stuffed animals and there was cake, orange juice, cookies in several varieties, and even a pinata.
Charlotte had fun playing along with Lily as she always does, but really she just wanted to sit on the bed holding her baby.
 I'm not sure that Gideon is sold on tea parties yet.

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  1. Wow, Lily is an awesome party planner! What a sweet collection of children you have, Jenn.