Thursday, September 19, 2013

Four Months

Our little guy continues to get bigger and bigger.  Today he is four months old.  He started rolling over both back-to-front and front-to-back a couple of weeks ago.  He scoots a tiny bit, but he isn't making it very far, which is great!  I'm not ready for this kid to be really mobile yet.
 He sure is a happy kid.  He talks and talks to us and smiles at everyone, eventually.  He is also ticklish, very ticklish.  His laugh gets caught in his throat, but every now and then he lets it out and it is so sweet.
 I can't say how big he has gotten because my scale is dead and we haven't been to the doctor for his check-up yet, but he is growing and growing.  My arms are getting tired holding him, I can say that much.
 Gideon is a very curious child.  He examines everything very carefully and takes in the world around him.
 His little mohawk is adorable!

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  1. I just love him Jen! Totally adorable, kissable baby boy =)