Sunday, January 19, 2014

Eight Months

Little man has decided not to be so little anymore.  I don't notice him getting bigger and then all of the sudden it seems that his clothes no longer fit.  It shouldn't be surprising though, this baby boy LOVES food, all kinds of food, and is starting to prefer to feed himself over the spoon-fed baby food.  I don't mind at all.  
This little dude is crawling all over the house now.  It is amusing to watch the girls try to build their own baby gates to try to keep him away from things, though far too often they just cause me to trip.
He's so busy, never sits still, not even when he insists on being help, he still wants to grab everything around him.
He's such a happy little guy!  He makes everyone around him smile when he smiles.
The girls love helping me with Gideon's pictures, but they really like to be in pictures too and insisted on one with all of them together.  They arranged themselves behind Gideon and said "cheese!"  Of course Gideon decided not to cooperate.

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