Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Charlotte's First Dance Class

For two years now Charlotte has waited patiently in the lobby of the dance school watching Lily go to dance class.  Today was finally her day and Charlotte got to start taking dance classes.
 We are attending Canyon Dance Academy again and Charlotte's class is taught by Ms. Tamara, the same teacher that Lily has had for the last 2 years.  Charlotte gets to take dance with her cousin Grace which makes it so much fun.
 She went right in and paid close attention to  her teachers instructions.
 I love seeing little girls in tutus all lined up!
 Lily watched class from the doorway, asked to borrow my camera, and proceeded to take about 250 pictures during the course of a 30 minute class.  While most were blurry, some turned out really cute!
 When class is finished the girls get a pink star stamped on their hand and Charlotte was happy to get her first stamp.

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