Sunday, May 25, 2008

More updates on our house...

So, I know that this is a little bit silly that all that I seem to write about is the work that we are doing on the house and in our yard, but that is what we spend most of our free time doing.
We have several very old rose bushes around the yard and they finally starting to bloom. We are going to wait and see what they look like before we decide what to do with them.
Also, the dandelion plague that we have been fighting is nearly gone. We are finally getting grass instead of weed and that is wonderful!
We spent all day yesterday working outside on the lawn and placing block to create some flower beds around the house. We'll get the fill dirt to finish them up in a week or so. Yesterday we also pulled out the old dead lilac bush and the tree on the side yard that was awkwardly placed. We also went through and finished weeding the beds around the house, moved the dog kennel and smoothed out the area that it covered. We'll be planting some grass to fill in the back in the empty spots, but not until we finish grading.
Overall, it is coming along rather well. We still have a long way to go of course. After all, we have owned the home for just under a month.

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