Sunday, August 10, 2008

We got a lawn!

This last week we bought our first batch of sod for our yard. Basically our entire back yard and side yards were non level at all, the grass was weak and the lawn full of weeds that just would not die. So, we killed it all, tilled it up and re leveled the yard. So now the process of putting in sod has begun. We purchase 500 sq. ft. this last week and we need about 800 more so we'll be getting that in a few weeks. But in the mean time it is really nice to have our west side lawn done. I'm excited about it!
I hadn't posted an update on our garden lately, so here it is. My garden is insane! By the 4th of July our corn was taller than Tyson and it is just getting taller. It is producing well though. We are having some of the corn for dinner tonight and one of our cantaloupes as well. I took over a dozen tomatoes to my parents yesterday because I had more than I could use and I have dozens of jalapenos and bell peppers. This is fun! More fresh veggies and less money spent at the grocery store. Tyson and I finally decided how we are going to do our garden beds next year so I can't wait to get those put in this Fall.
This next picture is just for fun.
I love my petunias that I put in the planter box next to our front door. It will all get taken out in the next month or two though. The planter box takes up a lot of space and doesn't offer up much planting space in return, so we are going to tear it out and widen our front patio. I figure that once we put in a new railing I'll just buy a planter box to hang over the railing. For this summer though I though it would look silly to leave this box empty. My grandma also had barrels of petunias all over her front and back patios so I went with the petunia.

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