Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Finished Project...

I have always had a tendancy to take on large tasks and plan for them to be much simpler and less time consuming than they ever really should be. That being said, I started looking for bedding once I found out that we were having a girl, and finding nothing that fit well in our little blue room (I didn't have the heart to ask Tyson to repaint), I decided that I would go ahead and make it myself.
About a week ago I went to several fabric stores looking for the right prints, and then on Monday I dragged Tyson with me and I bought fabric. Knoewing myself, I knew that if I didn't get right on it and finish it it would never get done and then I would have a newborn and be trying to sew bedding while also trying to care for the baby.
So, I got on it and low and behold, I actally finished it. I'm thinking that I may make some valences and such, but those can wait another week or so, the bedding it finished and the quilt is even quilted, so I am satisfied. This is probably the most productive that I have been in the last five months or so...


  1. Jenn, I love the bedding!!! Great color scheme. I also just love that crib - the curve on it is so, so cool! Your little girl's got a stylin' room!

  2. It's beautiful! I'm so impressed!

  3. This is beautiful. I may need some lessons someday.