Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Junior!

Yesterday my nephew Junior turned one-year-old. Since Liz stole the day for her wedding his birthday party was this afternoon.
While waiting for dinner he had fun playing with Lily's orangutan. He is such a big boy and he is so blasted cute! Lily crawled around on Grandma's other couch.For our family picture on we purchased these matching outfits for Lily and her aunt Krystal. Since we showed up with Lily wearing hers Krystal had to run upstairs and change into hers. She loves to match her little niece.In our family my mom always made us whatever we wanted for our birthday dinner. So, Junior's mommy Sarita made him his favorite food and he at it up!And of course what is a birthday without cake. Junior loves chocolate so Sarita made him chocolate cupcakes and he devoured it!For games Junior and the other little ones played "stick the chicken on the barn".And of course, birthday presents! I love the cap, I can't remember who gave it to him, but is great! I recently took up knitting so I made him a little wool coat. I think that his mommy and daddy liked it more than Junior did.Toys are so much more fun that clothes.It was a long weekend and in the end, we all needed a rest.

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  1. Awww, I want to meet him! He's so cute and chubby! I can't believe you MADE that little wool coat! I'm so jealous! =) I adore that photo of Krystal and Lily! And especialy that last one of you cradling Lily while sleeping. What a good mama.