Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas morning was so much fun this year. We were at my parents house so the home was filled with little kids and their excitement can be contagious. Lily seemed a bit confused by the entire event, but enjoyed the paper and the bright colors.
Here she is examining the stocking that I didn't get around to finishing.
And opening one of the presents that Santa left for her. She struggled with unwrapping at first but seemed to get the hang of it as the morning went on.My sister Sarita knitted Tyson and Lily matching beanies. They are kinda cute together.Sitting on the couch amongst some of her gifts.Her "big gift" this year was her big girl car seat. It makes me sad that she has outgrown her other one, but it is exciting to see her grow up. And her Christmas jammies are super cute.

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  1. I can completely comiserate with a new carseat. Jonathan outgrew his carrier when he was just barely five months old. I still miss being able to carry him and the seat in and put him in his crib without disturbing him. But now he's a little over a year, he's learned to just sleep on our shoulders and crawl into bed most of the time.