Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bye-Bye Binkie!

It has now been one full week since Lily last had a pacifier!

I always intended to take it away as soon as she turned one, but when the time came I was a lazy parent and just couldn't do it. In my defense, I also started weaning her from nursing right when she turned one and I didn't think that it would be nice to take both away at the same time, but even with that, I should have started sooner.

It was just so easy to keep using it. We only let her have it at nap time and bedtime, so it wasn't like she was wandering around all day with a pacifier in her mouth, but I found that she was getting more and more attached to it. She used to let me take them from her when I got her up without a fuss, but in the last month she started crying and getting very upset if I took it from her. So, I finally decided that they had to go before she got any more attached.

My genius plan, I decided that instead of just taking them from her, I would let her decide that she didn't like them anymore. So, I hid all but one and I cut a slit in the tip of that one. That way, she she sucked it would deflate and it would take about 10-15 seconds to inflate again. So, I left that one in her crib and when I put her down for bed last Friday night she reached for it, sucked on it for a minute, and decided that she did not like it at all. I left the pacifier in her crib for about two day and each time I put her down she would reach for it and then toss it aside a minute later.

She takes a little longer to fall asleep now and fusses a bit, which she normally never does, but only a little and I figure that will pass with time. I am grateful for finally being done with the pacifier. They are a fabulous tool for soothing infants and I am grateful for them, but I am so glad to be rid of them!

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