Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bear Lake

This last week Tyson had some time off work and he finished up the summer semester so we decided to take a little vacation. I had never been to Bear Lake, even though I have lived in Idaho for most of my life, so we headed east.

The lake was perfect! It is rather clean and where we camped there was a great beach right down the hill so we spent a lot of time on the water. Lily loved it!

The water was nice and shallow in this area so it was perfect for Lily.
Just for fun I captured her little footprints in the sand.
Last year when we went to Redfish Lake Oscar would not touch the water. This year however, as soon as we got to the lake he headed straight for it. He loved playing fetch and I think that we finally figured out how to exhaust him.
Just standing by the lakeside.
She wanted one of her daddy's chips to she was trying to climb through the chair to get to them.
Just a cute photo.
Taking a milk break while at the beach.
We headed over to Paris, Idaho Wednesday afternoon and checked out the tabernacle there. Tyson loves checking out old stone work.

Here's Lily reading the brochure about the building's history.
And posing with her daddy for one of my favorite pictures of the two of them.
We decided to eat our little picnic under a tree while we were in Paris, so at age 14 months Lily has already had a picnic in Paris.
Back to the campsite, Lily kept Oscar entertained and kept sneaking him little treats.And was so good as to help with clean up.
All ready for bed for her first night of sleeping in a tent. It was interesting, figuring out how to put Lily to bed without a crib. The first night we let her stay up and just brought her to bed with us. That didn't work, she LOVED the tent and had the best time wandering around it and climbing over us. She kept us up for nearly 2 hours before she finally fell asleep.

The next night we decided to treat the tent like her crib and just laid her down in there alone with her Violet toy and blanket, She fussed for a minute or two and then fell asleep.
Sorry that these are out of order, blogger can be a pain that way. Anyway, I married an over-grown child. This is proof.
Tyson and Lily playing in the sand.
The weather was perfect, not too hot, but warm enough to be playing in the water at 8pm. Perfect way to wear out a toddler for bedtime.
And finally another cute picture of Lily on the beach.


  1. Looks like a fun trip . . . Lily is getting all grown up all of the sudden.

  2. We bought that same daddy loves me onesie on clearance at jc penny