Sunday, November 14, 2010

An Eventful Week

I kept intending to make posts during the week but I never seemed to find the time to sit down and type them out, so it is all going to be one big post.

This last Wednesday Tyson and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary. A lot has happened in the last three years, between buying a house, changing jobs, having a baby, college, expecting another little one, and the list goes on and on. We are grateful for our little life though. We may not be rich or famous, but our simple little life together is a great blessing!
Also, this last Friday Lily Ann turned 18 months old. Our little girl is a year and a half now, how time has flown! She is still growing like a weed, around 27 pounds and 32 inches tall. She has become so independent and loves to test out everything. Last week she managed to climb out of her crib, and then fell to the ground. So, we turned her bed into a toddler bed. Which is fine at bed time, but nap time is another story. We have gone back to the crib, but only because she is under the weather and doesn't try to climb. Once she gets over this cold though, she'll be back to her dare-devil little self and the toddler bed will probably be back to stay.
She insisted on wearing this hat all day!

And in the new baby news, this last Friday I passed the 24 week mark. Might not seem like a big deal, but that means that I am just a few weeks away from entering the 3rd trimester of this pregnancy. I am constantly amazed at how quickly this pregnancy is passing. By the time that the holidays are over I'll just have 9 weeks left.

We had another ultrasound this Friday since our little girl was less than cooperative last time. This time she was even less cooperative, but the tech managed to see what she needed to. Our baby girl (who was clearly still a girl) was looking perfect. She kicked, punched, and somersaulted all through the ultrasound. It was interesting to see it all on the screen as I felt it. I keep telling Tyson that he is missing out. It is a very strange, but exhilarating sensation to feel a baby move inside of you.

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