Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First Haircut and Other Happenings

Today was Lily's first haircut. Her hair is still rather short and thin, but it is starting to get thicker and she has some long scraggly bangs in front and the back was starting to look a little too much like a mullet, so I figured that it was time for a trim.

So, We sat her down in the kitchen with a gogurt to distract her while I trimmed her bangs and the back around her neck. She sat still for me and didn't complain at all. Her hair looks much thicker and the ends are much cleaner now.
Not great pictures, she didn't want to sit still at all this evening, but you get the idea.

In other news, Lily did the funniest thing yesterday. Tyson was taking a break and watching an episode of "Criminal Minds" on DVD and he paused it to step away for a minute or two. As soon as he got up and left the room Lily walked over to the DVD shelf, picked up a VeggiTales DVD case and opened it to remove the DVD from the case, went to the DVD player, hit the button to open it, removed Tyson's DVD and replaced it with her DVD and pushed the drawer closed. She then placed Tyson's DVD in her case and placed it back on the DVD shelf.

Our girl is getting a little to smart and independent. I think that we might be in trouble...

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