Saturday, October 30, 2010

Boo at the Zoo

Just like last year, Lily and I went to Boo at the Zoo. It is always fun to go see the animals and it is another excuse to dress my little girl up and take her out. I've got a few shots of her in costume. Surprisingly it was a lot easier to get good pictures of her last year when she was just 5 months old. I kinda had to laugh yesterday when we went trick-or-treating in old town Nampa. Almost everyone I overheard commenting on her costume knew what it was right away, however I heard one woman point and her and say to her friend "Look at that cute little devil." I guess that she didn't see beyond the red cape.
We went all round the zoo and visited the different animals. Lily really liked them, she called the wart hogs and zebra Oscar, I think that is just her term for 4 legged mammals. I guess that we had better work on that one a bit. She is so independent and so I let her walk instead of bringing the stroller and she did so well. She held my hand and didn't try to pull away. She didn't even get tired from walking that much.
They have a little farm yard area at the Boise zoo so I took Lily to go see the animals and say hello. She was very excited by them, but a little hesitant. A lady gave her some food for them and she loved feeding them. She knew just what to do since she feeds Oscar all the time at home.

And here's a little video of Lily at the petting zoo area.

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  1. haha that was so funny how she backed away from the goat at that last part! Man I wish our zoo had that...oh maybe they do. looks so fun! and GREAT costume!