Thursday, October 21, 2010

Picking a Name is Hard!

We are working on a picking a name for this baby girl and I am finding it terribly difficult. It isn't really narrowing down a list, but creating a list in the first place. I don't remember it being this hard last time. We had names picked out pretty early on, and while we changed our minds after finding out that we were having a girl, we still settled on a name very quickly. I loved having a name for her early on. We called her Lily for months before she was born and when she finally came to us I felt like I knew her and I never questioned her name because it was her name, and had been for a while. I didn't worry about whether it fit or not because it was who she was.

This time however, we decided to hold off on thinking of names until the ultrasound. When we were told that this baby is another girl I really felt lost. I started looking through name lists and books and I am about as lost as before. I suppose that we still have a lot of time to select her name, I just hope that this name fog will lift and we will be able to select one soon. I would like to be able to call this baby by her name.


  1. Jen, you aren't the only one! This third baby boy didn't have a name for a little while too. It was hard for us to decide on a name. There were names that I liked, and Jake didn't, and vice versa. We finally decided on Ethan about a month a go. Good luck on the naming! It is a hard decision since they do live with this name the rest of their life!