Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

This evening we carved pumpkins. It has been years since I last carved a pumpkin. So, I went and picked up three pumpkins this morning, and then this evening (while a pumpkin pie baked in the oven) we sat down to carve them. Lily enjoyed watching, but was in no hurry to touch the guts. Tyson tried to get her too while he cleaned one out, but she was not interested.
She, she sat and watched.
She did however finally start playing with one after it was carved. She was not at all interested in the pumpkin until it had a face.
So, these are our three very simple pumpkins. I used to do the elaborate carving, and I would still enjoy it, but a toddler takes up a lot of my time and she really seemed to like the silly faces.
Once it got dark we lit them up and Lily's reaction was great. She stared at them and kept taking steps backwards until she got to us (we were standing about three feet behind her). She was fascinated with them, all lit up, but a little scared too.

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  1. cute!!! we're carving pumpkins with friends on Wednesday. can't wait to see Juna's reaction!