Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Change of Plans

Remember how in my last blog post I said that we were going to be ordering carpet soon...well, last Thursday, the day that we had planned to go place our order, we had an incident. I loaded the dishwasher and got ready to leave for a doctor appointment. I turned the dishwasher on and then left the kitchen to go get my things together and go. As I was leaving (which requires me to go through the kitchen) I noticed that the entire kitchen floor was flooded. I freaked out, Tyson and I dried it up with towels and turned the dishwasher off, and then I got up to go, now running late of course. Well, as I was opening the back door I happened to look downstairs and I saw a steady stream of water raining through the ceiling onto the basement floor. I called for Tyson and we checked it out. Needless to say I was very late for that doctor appointment.

So, instead of ordering carpet last Thursday we cut a large hole out of our family room ceiling and went to work on drying it out. We were not happy about it. Here we were so close to getting things done and now we were taking steps backwards. I am happy to report that everything is all dried out now and Tyson will be patching the ceiling tomorrow or Friday and we will be ordering carpet this weekend.
There are still other tasks that have to be completed first though. Probably my favorite, the stairway. It was awful when we moved here, they had stone on the walls and it made the basement feel like a dungeon. Tyson tore the stone out about a year ago and leveled the surface, but had not yet decided what to do instead. We finally settled on some bead board since we thought that the look would be nice and after some real trial and error about attaching it to the concrete wall it is almost done. Hopefully the trim will all be put up this weekend and then we will paint it an off-white (the same color as all of the other trim, ceilings, and doors in our house).
Kind of after (I'll post a better picture once it is all done):
Tyson and my brother-in-law Chaz got the trim all up in Lily's new room and it really helps to break up the melon color on the wall. Ignore the funky green around the frames, that will be painted over soon.
And if you want a preview of what the bedding and curtains that I made for her look like, you can get a bit of an idea from the bow board that I put up the other day.

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  1. Oh im so sorry about the leak!! I would be so bummed too. Glad it happened before the carpet came though! Hope you're able to get the leak fixed and carpet soon :) I love that you guys decided on beadboard. It's gonna look so pretty!! Best of luck with all your plans!