Saturday, January 8, 2011

Finishing the Basement

We are finally getting around to finishing up our basement. We've been working on it a bit a time since we bought the house nearly 3 years ago, but it kept getting pushed to the bottom of the to do list. Well, it finally hit the top of the list, mostly because Lily is going to need to vacate the room that she is currently in to make room for Charlotte. These last couple of days we finally got it all cleaned out (it had pretty much all been a very unorganized storage space) and prepped. Tyson and my brother Ricky finished patching up the drywall in Lily's new room and today Tyson painted.
This is a little preview, it isn't quite done, the ceiling and doors still need to be painted and the new floor boards need to be put in, but it is great not to see holes in the wall or bare drywall anymore. The color that I chose is called melon and I love it. I know that it seems really bright, but just wait, once the trims and everything are up and the bedding and curtains are in there it will work well.
Also downstairs we have a family room. I have been really wanting to be able to use this room for the last few months. Lily's things have taken over my living room and it is hard for Tyson to do his homework and study when Lily is in the same room with her noisy toys so we are very excited to be having this family room available for her to play in and the living room will once again be an adult space. This is probably one of the tamest, if not the tamest, wall color in the entire house.
We have a few more finishing touches, including the stairway, to get done this next week and then we will schedule a date to get the carpet installed! The end is in sight and I am so excited!

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