Sunday, March 11, 2012

Warm Weather

The last few days it has been warm and beautiful out and we have been outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  At the beginning of the week I noticed that my first crocus had bloomed.  I love these little flowers, they are always that first bit of color that lets us know that warmer weather is on the way
 Thursday afternoon the girls and I went to the zoo.  It was our best trip yet for two reasons; first, Lily has become really interesting in the animals and could identify a lot of them without me telling her what they were.  And second, because there were probably only a dozen other families there.  We got to enjoy most of the exhibits on our own and I could let Lily have more freedom to run around and explore.
 The really enjoyed the giraffes.
 There is a little play area at the Boise Zoo that we took a break at.  The girls climbed on the animals, went down the slide, and had a little snack, then we were off to see the rest of the animals.
Charlotte was fascinated by this tiny monkey, she just stood there and stared and stared, it was hard to pull her away.
 "Look mom!"
 We spent Friday and Saturday outside in the yard.  The girls are really having a lot of fun with Charlotte's birthday present.
They even manage to share sometimes. 

 Tyson spent a lot of time reworking the garden beds and getting things ready for planting.

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