Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

 Yesterday was Charlotte's birthday party.  I know that she won't remember it, but I enjoyed getting everything ready and having our friends and family over. We had pizza and visited while the children played. It was a simple little celebration, but we had fun.

 I made another cake for Charlotte, this is her little smash cake (that really was way too big)!
Then we made cupcakes for our guests.  I decided on pink lemonade cake with a lemon cream frosting with little candy rosettes.
 And just for fun, I made a pinata for the kids.
 They seemed to have fun beating the pulp out of it, and of course, picking up the candy.  My camera was on the wrong setting though so everything turned out blurry.
 Charlotte opened several presents from her family and friends, she received some fun toys,
 some very cute clothes, 
 but I think that the pinwheel was her favorite, she has been carrying it around all day.
 She also got some fun sand toys to use in her new sand box.
 Charlotte was very excited to see her cake, and wanted the candle, she wasn't too happy with me when I took that away.
 She forgave me quickly enough though because the cake was yummy!

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  1. Your cake and cupcakes are beatiful! Happy Birthday Charlotte!