Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Farmstead Field trip

At the beginning of the month Lily's preschool class went on a field trip to the Farmstead.  Family was invited so Charlotte and I tagged along.  We started at the cow train.  Charlotte was not sure about it at all, 
but Lily ran up to a cow and climbed right in. 
 Charlotte liked it a lot better once the train started moving.
 Next we moved on to the pillow jumping pad, but the girls were not impressed so we went to another play area.  I love when they walk around holding hands.
 These little buildings were such fun for the girls and the jail was the favorite.
 This might be my new favorite picture of Charlotte, on her way up to the slide and being silly and cute along the way.
Lily's doesn't like strange slides but she was happy to wait at the bottom encouraging Charlotte to come on down.
Then there was the corn box, it was a lot of corn, I'm still finding kernels in my purse.
 The kids loved it though.
 It was hard to talk them out of there.
Finally we were off our own hayride to the pumpkin patch.  It was plenty warm but the girls refused to take off their jackets. 
 Lily wore this orange sweater for 3 days straight, all day, every day, even at night over her jammies.
 It didn't take long for both girls to find their pumpkins.
 Just the right size (so that mommy doesn't have to carry them)!
  Checking out the pumpkins of some of her classmates.

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